Frequently Asked Question

Here at Bee's Photography, we like to be transparant and clear with what we offer, here are some frequently asked questions.

Q. How long does it take to receive the photos?

This is down to what type of work the client wants us to carry out, we endeavour to turn around photos within 14 days, unless otherwise stated in the contract of agreement.

Q. If we cancel, Can i have my deposit back?

ONLY if you cancel within 14 days of securing your booking with a deposit then you will be refunded your deposit, if out of the 14 days then you will lose your deposit, more information can be found in the contract of agreement.

Q. Is it safe using a Drone? & Can it be used in any weather?

We use the lastest DJI Drones, making sure it is using the latest software updates, the drone we use has built in saftey features to insure in the event of an emergency it can land safely. We can only fly in dry, calm and clear conditions.

Q. How far do you travel, what area do you cover?

We are very flexible in regards to events and locations, we aim to stay in the yorkshire region, but happy to travel depending on requirments and costs been covered.

Q. What do I need to bring to the photoshoot/do before the photoshoot?

Make sure you bring everything you want to be included in the photoshoot, ensure your make up is done before had (if applicable), this way the photoshoot can run smoothly without delays.